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As a private child contact service, we can take referrals from professional organisations and individuals


We want your experience with us to be as happy and relaxed as possible

The uniqueness of your family, and all your personal needs, is important to us. This means there’s no “one-size-fits-all” way of providing supervised visits. We all want safe, neutral,  child-focused visitations. That’s why each service is tailored to meet your own family circumstances while ensuring all legal requirements are still met.

To arrange for supervised visits with changeovers, both parents must take part in an intake meeting and assessment. During your interview, you’ll be encouraged to talk about anything that’s worrying you.

Once agreements are reached, all information, including copies of any court orders are processed. A contact plan regarding the visits will be emailed to each parent. 

Intake Meetings

Our face-to-face meetings give you a chance to chat about all your information and have any questions answered. We want you to feel comfortable with your Angel.

A full risk assessment is made, making sure all court orders are adhered to.

Supervisors (AKA Our Angels)

Our Angels provide an excellent level of child contact services with specific qualifications required for your child’s needs.

Our team of Angels brings a combined 35+ years of experience in the children’s contact services industry. Their qualifications are from areas such as:

  • Community Services
  • Social Care
  • Protective Services
  • Child Care
  • Educational Services

With supervisors from a diverse range of backgrounds, we try to match you with a supervisor you’re comfortable with. This helps build the trust you need when you hand over your child to the other parent.

All our Angels hold a working with children card and complete an AFP check.


Our Angels are located in many places around Western Australia. From Yanchep to Mandurah, including all Perth metropolitan areas, both north and south of the river.


Family court clients we are not able to offer transport for your child. Transport services are available for CPFS clients.


Our supervised visits are arranged in venues that are family friendly and in line with any  court directions. During your Intake meetings you can put forward your preferences and  suggestions of what your child may enjoy.

We do not provide an in-centre style option as we encourage a natural interaction between  the parent and child.


We help with the parental changeover before and after the supervised child contact. This  reduces contact between parents and removes potential stress for your child. Our Angel will  care for your child until the other parent arrives. They then continue into the arranged  supervised contact.

Court Reports

Factual, observational reports are created by our Angels during the supervised visits.

These reports are kept confidential.

Court Appearances

Sometimes our Angels are subpoenaed to appear in court to answer questions about the reports written by them. As our Angels maintain a neutral relationship with both parents, they  can provide appropriate answers to best support the needs of your child.


Your child is at the heart of everything we do. We maintain flexibility with all our services to  support the children’s needs. Our supervisors work seven days a week to ensure your  supervised visit is at the right time for you and your child.