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Customer experience matters to us because Family Come First

What we do

Angels Family Contact Services provides supervised visits for separated families.

We focus on providing a safe, enjoyable visit for you and your child with their needs at the forefront of all we do.

We assist with the logistics of your visits, using family-friendly venues for more natural interactions.

Our personalised face to face InTake meetings gives us the chance to engage with both parents. These meetings allow everyone to talk about their concerns and confirm the safety of their child.

Our supervisors, affectionally called our Angels, are experienced in dealing with high levels of conflict should there be worry about violence or behavioural issues.

Why we do it

Family separation is stressful for everyone. 

If a Family Court order is in place, our support means that all the legal requirements will be looked after so you can concentrate on enjoying a meaningful visit with your child.

We are there to support your child during the Changeovers and visits, building that trust so you can be confident that your child is being watched over by our Angels.

Children are often caught in the middle of family separation conflict.

Our focus will always be on your child. We will help your family to create a supervised visit that your child will enjoy. We want them to look forward to these visits and to have a good time.